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Why We Didnt See More Narnia Movies

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Ever drift off and think about going through your wardrobe to share some Turkish Delight and chill with Mr. Tumnus?The Chronicles of Narniaseriescertainly feels even more of a world away than it used to, since Disneys movie franchise stopped midway through adapting its seven beloved books. TheNarniamoviesfollow a troubling trend that the YA genrehas battled with over the years showing their great potential and then studios dropping the ball, leaving fans to say goodbye too soon. Lets talk about what really happened to the rest C.S. Lewis fantasy movies and how it may return over a decade later.

Previously, weve broken downwhat happened to FoxsPercy Jacksonmovies, which was sadly cancelled after two films, LionsgatesDivergent, which wasaxed just short of its conclusion, andMaze Runner,which spawned an entire successful trilogy, but left fans hanging on the spinoff front. Now lets get into why we havent seen moreNarniamovies:

DisneysNarniaseries started off with a bang when the studio releasedThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobeback in 2005. The fantasy movie that set up C.S. Lewis world with Tilda Swintons White Witch, James McAvoys Mr. Tumnus, and Aslan, voiced by Liam Neeson, was an instant hit, garnering $745 million in box office dollars worldwide, becoming the third-highest grossing movie of that year, behindHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireandStar Wars: Revenge of the Sith. It also proved to be a worthy adaptation of the source material.

The struggle with a franchise likeNarniais how it leans on its young cast, who were growing rapidly as the film was being developed. In 2008,Prince Caspianwas released to milder performance, at $419 million worldwide, with comparable quality to the first. Two years later, the fifth book was adapted withThe Voyage of the Dawn Treaderwhich made $415 million worldwide. All threeNarniamovies are available to stream on Disney+, which you can sign up forusing this link.

After theVoyage of Dawn Treader, Disney had its sights set on going back to adapt the first book in the seriesThe Magicians Nephew. Since the cast was getting much older, maybe the studio felt like it was time to refresh theNarniamovies. However, the C.S. Lewis Company seemed to reject this plan when Walden Media soon lost its film rights to the franchise in 2011 and The Mark Gordon Company retained the rights instead to adapt the next book in the franchise,The Silver Chair(my personal favorite in the series).

The Silver Chairremained in slow development until 2016,when Sony got involved in theNarniamovies, hiringCaptain America: The First AvengerandJumanjidirector Joe Johnston to helm the movie. He had intended to bring a new vision to the franchise with his adaptation, including a new cast and begin a an all-new trilogy forNarnia.Life of Piwriter David Magee was on board to write the screenplay, which would focus on the Pevensies cousin Eustace Scrubb, who Will Poulter previously played, as Narnias timeline shifts to Prince Caspians reign as an old King, as Eustace and his friend Jill help him locate his heir.

Its still unclear exactly why Joe JohnstonsThe Silver Chairmovie never came together, but the director would instead go on to makeThe Nutcracker and the Four Realmsfor Disney. The other movie Johnston ended up doing was actually produced by the same company behind the nextNarniamovies, The Mark Gordon Company, so the decision may have been connected somehow. Whats more telling is how the C.S. Lewis Company has since changed course once again with a new venture with Netflix.

Its hard to say from the outside looking in, but it sounds like the right way forward for theNarniamovies was never properly carved out following its move from Disney. The first three movies certainly suffered in not shooting its vision more consecutively, likeHarry PotterorHunger Games, considering its young cast grew much older then intended with three movies in five years, and with a new director coming in forDawn Treader. Its also not an easy franchise to adapt, and the fact that it lost some steam midway through may have slowed down financial interest in the property, as well.

As I alluded to,Narniaisnow in the hands of Netflix, as of 2018. The universes new home is with the streamer with the co-writer of PixarsCoco, Matthew Aldrich, serving as the showrunner as of a 2019 announcement. Aldrich has been named the creative architect for what could reportedly include films and shows, peran official Netflix Twitter account. The latest word weve seen regardingNarniaon Netflix camefrom Frances Netflix account in March 2021when a fan asked for an update, it replied (in translation from French): Narnia series and films are in the works!

It sounds likeNarniacould have a big future on Netflix between a series and films, whenever the studio pulls the trigger and makes an announcement about a specific project in active production. It sounds like Matthew Aldrich could be crafting a large plan for Narnia and that could take some time to develop. C.S. Lewis books are classics that deserve some love and care, and have the potential to be hugely popular, akin toGame of Thrones, if done right. Well keep you updated as developments arise, but what do you think? Would you be excited for moreNarniamovies? Vote in our poll below.

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